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Act of Donation Forms Louisiana

Act of Donation

To donate a thing or right to another person is to transfer such thing or right to another person without an exchange or payment. In other words it is the giving of something to another without receiving anything of value in return. It is purely gratuitous.  A donation is made either between two living persons (known as a donation inters vivos) or a donation made after death ( known as a donation mortis causa).  A donation inter vivos ( one between living persons) is completed when the gift of the thing or right is accepted by the Donee (the person receiving the thing or right). In Louisiana some donations may be made without the necessity of a formal writing.  However, even when a written document is not required it is often easier to have the donation memorialized in writing. By memorializing the donation in writing and as an authentic act there is a clear intent to transfer the thing or right and the Donee, for all intents and purposes, has a receipt to prove to others that he is the rightful owner of the thing or right.  The following Act of Donations are available from Smith & John:

1.) General Act of Donation this act of Donation is sufficient to transfer things or rights by Donation. If you want to transfer a motor vehicle or Real Estate it is suggested that you use a form listed below.

2.) Act of Donation of Motor Vehicle.
The Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicle requires that an Act of Donation
accompany all Title Transfers of a motor vehicle by donation. This act is
needed in addition to the title for the motor vehicle.

3.) Act of Donation of Real Estate.
The State of Louisiana requires the all transfers of land (immovable property)
be done in writing , signed by both parties. Once executed this Act must be recorded in the conveyance records of the Parish where the property is located. If not, it is not effective as to third parties.

Purchase Form 2


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